Indian chemical industry

The size of the Indian Chemical industry in terms of value of output for the year was USD billion. During upto December,3 patents were filed, 62 research papers were published and 31 papers were presented in International Conferences.

Setting up of Plastic Parks: Goods and Services Act: Major Initiatives Make in India: Methods were soon devised to make useful byproducts from the alkali. Sixth largest producer of chemicals worldwide and third largest producer in Asia. An allocation for building robust infrastructure to support such clusters on a PPP model would help in smoother and timely completion of projects in such regions.

To help the industry, and impact on its already low margins, import duty on key petrochemical feedstock like Naphtha, Ethane, Propane and Reformate needs to be rationalised.

Chemical Industry in India

Additionally, chemicals sector is delicensed except for few hazardous chemicals. This does not includes expenditure on the cost of any land or building. Steady market strength for chemicals Indian chemical companies support a sizable and highly diversified industry that includes commodities, specialities, polymers, agrochemicals and a range of other groups.


Inproduction of total major chemicals and basic petrochemicals stood at thousand MT, registering a growth of 3. With the high significance of chemical industry in Indian economy, following are the expectations from government to address the bottlenecks and growth: Industrial Revolution[ edit ] One of the first chemicals to be produced in large amounts through industrial processes was sulfuric acid.

Reduction in import duty on key feedstock and key inputs: Competitiveness of domestic players: If the government decides to reduce the import tariffs further to meet the increasing demand of the country, then the level of competition in the Indian chemical industry will further intensify.

The current low per capita consumption 10 kgs for polymers in India as compared to world average of 25 kgs suggests that the demand potential is also yet to be realised. This sector has always witnessed considerable growth in the past and is currently poised to further this momentum Here are some of the most important triggers that we think will help its cause: Since, ethane and petrochemical products are cheaper than petrochemical products in India, it will affect the margins of domestic players due to underutilisation of their capacities.

With initiatives like "Make In India" programme gaining steam, investments, innovation and infrastructure are going to be the major thrust areas for chemical industry. And, six aromatic complexes with a combined xylene capacity of 4.

India is the second-largest manufacturer of H-Acid, globally after China. History[ edit ] Although chemicals were made and used throughout history, the birth of the heavy chemical industry production of chemicals in large quantities for a variety of uses coincided with the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution in general.

The Indian chemical industry, which has several characteristics specific to Indian context, has evolved from a producer and supplier of basic chemicals to the domestic market in a highly regulated environment to an industry with diverse product portfolio in an open.

The Indian Chemical Industry is one of the oldest industries in India, which contributes significantly towards industrial and economic growth of the nation. Since this industry has numerous forward and backward linkages, it is called the backbone of the industrial and agricultural development of the country and provides building blocks for many downstream industries.

For updated information, please visit 3 Leading position globally • In terms of value and production volume, Indian chemical industry is the 3rd largest producer in Asia and 6th by output in the world.

Indian chemical industry could grow at The Indian Chemical Industry is one of the most established and fast growing sectors of our country. It plays an integral role in our economic development thereby serving as a critical input for the industrial and agricultural development.

Sep 25,  · indian chemical industry Suresh Prabhu to review sector-specific export strategies next week Prabhu had earlier asked exporters to prepare action plans and develop strategies to double India’s exports by to help create jobs.

India's vibrant chemical and petrochemical industry plays a significant role in the economic development of the country. In terms of volume, the Indian chemical industry is the 7th largest in the world and the 3rd largest in Asia with the size worth $ Billion.

Indian chemical industry
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Indian Chemical Industries, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India